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Fb logo    One Nation  serves alongside with KARUNA to bless our City Mumbai.

      The Karuna Project is a project of compassion reaching out to leprosy sufferers in the city of Mumbai


Seventeen years ago a young man came in contact with some leprosy sufferers on the streets in Mumbai and he learnt from his interactions with them the difficulties they faced in obtaining medical treatment and facilities to bathe. They would go to the sea to bathe which only further aggravated their suffering.,.He felt moved to do something about this. He would take a drum of clean fresh water  to them in order that they could have a proper bath.

This was the beginnings of Karuna1620406_1499177040404355_9126903176474094790_n.

Since June 2000, Karuna has been able to touch thousands of lives . The need of the leprosy sufferers is medical and surgical treatments, bathing facilities, social interaction, providing help to become self-sufficient and to stop begging, transformation for their colonies, education for their children who do not have leprosy, love and acceptance. This project has been running for the last 17 years.

The Karuna staff hold clinics in different locations of Mumbai on a daily basis. As of now there are 10 nos of clinics running. More than 3000 leprosy sufferers registered with us and have received medical attention and care in these 17 years, apart from these more than 5,000 received medical attention in the general clinics. We have had 70,000 treatments for Leprosy patients and 18,000 treatments for others to date. We have partnered with Stepping Stone Charitable Society and The Leprosy Mission International to achieve our mission. Franco Lonappan, spearheads this Charity arm of Steppingstones.

The Vision and Mission 

“Our mission is to provide resources that can usher health, hope and dignity to people affected by leprosy and other diseases of poverty”.

Events held by Karuna

We hold 10 clinics every week, Skin disease awareness camps in slums and schools once in every three months, Eye camps, hospitalization of patients that needs care and treatment. Distribution of MCR chappels and shoes to Leprosy affected people. Distribution of raincoats & plastic sheets to those leprosy affected patients who lives

on the pavements during the monsoon season. Awareness program among local doctors on Leprosy as a disease and how to help them with proper treatment. Helping 11 children of the leprosy patients with stay, food and education in a foster home in Goa. Self Help Groups where women are encouraged to start Micro-finance schemes with the Banks so that start small business etc.


Number of people who are

serviced over these years. 


Treatments to general patients

Leprosy affected patients


Venkadesh Naidu, Claude D’mello, Ajay Lohra, Sonali Karat, Dr. Farzana Mulla,


If you want to give towards and/or  participate in KARUNA please feel free to do so.

You can write to us on info@onenationmumbai.com or call us on +91 98-20-139530.

We would be love for you to get in touch with us.