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There is nothing known as a praying Church. Prayer must be at the very heart of every Church. Michael Eaton, a famous bible teacher once said “A church that prays is like saying ice must be cold”. 

A Christian cannot live without hearing the voice of God and being led by God’s word and His Spirit because, a true Christian is a new creation in Christ and the Spirit of God lives in him and with him. So it is with a church, it cannot grow without prayer being an integral part because church as a community of Christians worshipping together and working together for a common vision.

At One Nation we believe prayer is vital to all that we will ever become and achieve for His glory. We meet once a month on the last Friday of the month as a church to worship

as well as pray for specific issues. Apart from that we meet every Sunday to pray before the main service at 10am. Few of us meet at 9.15am to pray for the service and for God’s anointing. Every week on Thursday at 11am some ladies meet to pray. Different teams meet to pray during the week as well.

Prayer accompanied with fasting is encouraged in the Bible. Great men of God and our Lord himself fasted and prayed for specific times in their lives. One Nation church, in the month of July sets aside 21 days to  prayer and fasting to seek God’s direction and spiritual breakthrough.

Even if you are not a member of the church you can call us if you have a specific prayer need. We will definitely pray for your requests.

Some Promises God has given us over the years.

  • You will be like Joseph – a fruitful wine over the walls
  • A Resource centre
  • An Apostolic base
  • A Display of God’s wisdom – One New Man in Christ
  • A place where the poor will be uplifted – Household of Hope