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Expect the unexpected – Pankaj Bhagwane

Expectation has power; did you know the underlying factor of expectation is faith.
Expectation : Faith, hope, anticipate, imagine, desire
Where is your expectancy!
God wants to move in our midst, to multiply blessings, growth, harvest, signs wonders & miracles.
Church let’s expect when we come on Sunday mornings.
The Lord’s scepter is lifted up. Which means his favor is upon us.

Acts 3:1-10 Story of crippled man healed.

1. Usual day for Peter and John and the Beggar
The beggar expected money he couldn’t believe that when they said Walk.
Where is our expectation?
Peter and John-Jesus is the Lord
Of many choices, when we fail he comes.
Jesus loves his disciples.
Matthew 8:16-17 Jesus healed all who were sick.
This was to fulfill what was spoken in Isaiah 53:3-5
The disciples knew Jesus very well. And because they had been with him they became like him. This usual morning they did what Jesus would do.
Are you relating with Peter and John this morning?
Do you know Jesus like the disciples? If you know him, your life will no longer be the same. You will be a Hope Giver. Signs and wonders will follow you.

2. The cripple man:

if you relate with this man who was crippled from birth. Let me tell you we were all crippled by birth. We are born sinner on this earth.
Because what happened with Adam & Eve In the garden, they sinned against God. Curse came upon mankind. And man’s spirit was dead.
Spiritually crippled. Couldn’t walk.
But when Jesus came born of a virgin lived perfect life, he didn’t sin and at the appointed time died on the cross, on the third day he rose again and scripture says that because of the work on the cross if believe in him we received eternal life. Not because of my work but His work on the cross matters.
You are crippled because of the situation you are facing, you don’t want to do it but you keep doing it.
Or you might be crippled because of Loans, sickness, addiction, Sin.
God never expected for us to be sick. It’s not God’s will to be in that sickness.
Jesus came for a specific task Is 61:1-2 to preach the good news to the poor. Poor in spirit, to proclaim the good news, to bind up the broken hearted & to release the prisoners from darkness, to proclaim the year of the Lords favor.
If you are the cripple you are not expecting what God has.
Where are your expectations?
Why does sickness happen?

Exodus 15:26 “I am the Lord your healer,”
If you listen to him, obey him; the truth is that no disease should come to you.

Conclusion: let’s come and respond toward God & receive healing from our crippled state. Only Jesus can heal us. Let’s expect the unexpected.